033114 // moon beams - 007/365

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Khanir the Savage gets closer to being finished.


Physics prints by Justin VanGenderen

Available here & here.

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More WIP on that dwarf.

Some WIP on a Rackham dwarf.

Finished Choir of Menoth. I’m ok with them, but they could be better. I just got bored.

Pretty much finished the Aberration (the metal one that comes in the Hybrid box). In the background of the 4th pic is the larger plastic kit of Aberration Prime.

Some WIP on two Rackham Tigers of Dirz, and a Dirz Neuromancer.

Phidias and Misericorde for Confrontation/Hybrid


Base painting still going on. I forgot to shoot a step by step, but it’s a bunch of very similar sand tones. Will be drybrushed and washed down the road.